Rosie Made A Thing

Return On Inspiration for a leading greetings card publisher.

0% Year on year growth in sales

The Brief.

Rosie Made A Thing are one of the UK’s leading greeting cards publishers. Their hilarious products are available nationwide in John Lewis, Paperchase, Fortnum & Mason, and Scribbler.

Rosie approached us to build their first dedicated eCommerce store to sell over 300 products, and needed a platform where both B2C and B2B customers could easily make purchases. Since then, we have help to grow sales through a variety of marketing channels.

Our roles.

  • Strategy
  • Web Design & Development
  • Google Shopping
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • eCommerce SEO
  • Customer Experience Roadmap

Right from the word go, it was clear we were going to enjoy working on this project. The Rosie Made A Thing store is a huge part of of our world at Wyze Digital and the whole team is committed to their success.

Joe Read, Founder & CEO, Wyze Digital

The solution...

A 5 stage journey to eCommerce growth, from customer experience, all the way to paid media.

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1. Web Redesign & Development.

Leading with a fully custom design, we initially showcased over 300 products on their first dedicated eCommerce store. Products were made available through both standard retail purchasing and a trade purchasing portal. Our custom checkout process was the final cherry on top.

2. Google Shopping

Connecting Rosie’s product catalogue to Google Ads was a poweful move. With a product range that customers were already actively searching for, visibility of their products soared within a matter of months and Google Shopping quickly became their largest source of traffic.

3. Facebook & Instagram Ads

Introducing social advertising into the campaign gave us two very powerful tools for boosting sales. We utilised dynamic retargeting to bring back visitors from all channels, and launched seasonal campaigns to present products to the right audience at the perfect moments in time.

4. SEO

Our SEO campaign allows consumers to associate ‘funny greetings cards’ with the ‘Rosie Made A Thing’ brand. Starting with an SEO audit, we created a roadmap of activities, for improving brand visibility. In the first 2 months acheived in prominent positions for 71% of our target keywords.

5. Web Retainer/Roadmap

On high traffic stores, the smallest improvements can have massive results. We now utilise monthly meetings to outline improvements we will build into the customer experience. This has included upgrades to product filters, Facebook integrations, methods for working with couriers and so much more.

0% Year on year growth in sales

0% Average Store Conversion Rate

The Result.

The store now sells over 900 products, and welcomes over 15,000 people per month. Website conversion rate has consistently improved over time and we are now looking ahead at broadening reach further through expanded advertising.

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