Prep Perfect

Revenue and returns as juicy as a fresh delivery of meal prep.

0% Increase in eCommerce revenue from SEO

The Brief.

Prep Perfect are one of the leading meal preparation companies, fuelling people across the UK with freshly prepared, healthy and ready-to-eat meals. The team originally approached us to build their very first eCommerce store, and since then we have helped to scale their sales and product offering to new heights.

Our roles.

  • Branding
  • Web Design & Development
  • Photoshoots & Creative Direction
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • eCommerce SEO
  • Customer Experience Roadmap

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Jodie Williams, Managing Director, Prep Perfect

The Solution.

6 Steps to bringing healthy, ready-to-eat meals to the UK.

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1. Web Redesign & Development.

Before our involvement, Prep Perfect had a non-responsive site where customers would place orders via email. Evolving this meant creating an eCommerce experience where dishes can be chosen, delivered and even created from scratch!
This greatly increased orders and ease of fulfilment.

2. Developing Visual Assets

We worked with the team on a number of photoshoots to capture stunning photos of their meals. We created imagery specifically suited for the website, for social media and Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns. Producing high quality media is an essential part of any campaign.

3. SEO

High market competition meant Prep Perfect needed to capture SEO territory quickly. We introduced SEO architecture, optimised content and supported with infographics & outreach. In 3 months search traffic doubled, and revenue rose by 79%. Since then, SEO revenue has risen over 750%.

4. Facebook Ads

Ready-to-eat, healthy meals are still a new concept for many consumers and there is a stigma that the only way to eat healthy is to cook all meals yourself. Social media ads helped us to reach this audience and tell them a new story. Eating healthy can also be convenient, cost effective and delicious.

5. Google Ads

With healthy eating on the rise, there is a growing demand of people searching for ‘healthy meals delivered’ and similar phrases. We utilised a variety of Google Ads campaigns to reach these audiences at different stages of awareness and used this to convert these prospects into long term customers.

6. Rebranding & Print Assets

Securing weekly orders requires customers to love interacting with you, branding is essential here. Whether a customer places an order, receives an email or opens their delivery – we wanted to ensure the brand left a bold yet fun impression. This involved a logo redesign, new fonts, brand colours & print materials.

0% Increase in eCommerce revenue from SEO

0% Average Store Conversion Rate

The Result.

From taking orders over email, to using marketing and eCommerce to process thousands of orders per month, Prep Perfect is a true example of how our team can build the infrastructure to attract, convert and retain a life-changing volume of customers for your business.

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