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The Brief.

IRIS are an audio technology company who are on a mission to change how the world consumes audio. Our initial role was to support the launch of their first headphones range through a new eCommerce store launch and a custom checkout experience.

Our roles.

  • Prelaunch landing pages
  • eCommerce
  • Custom checkout process
  • Bespoke inventory management system
  • Ongoing maintenance & support

IRIS are an ambitious, fast paced and innovative company with an incredible concept. It’s been a real pleasure helping them take
their product to market.

Joe Read, Founder & CEO, Wyze Digital

The Solution.

Wyze Digital’s role in supporting the product launch of the immersive
IRIS Headphones.

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1. Getting ready for launch.

Step one was to market Iris’s unique concept: applying a ‘live’ immersive musical experience to a piece of music at the touch of a button. We created educational content explaining IRIS’s unique algorithm, neurological benefits, and how achieving ‘flow state’ was beneficial for both mental health and performance.

2. eCommerce Store Development

We then set about creating their first eCommerce store with a custom checkout process to take the user from product selection to checkout as quickly and effectively as possible. We created a clean user interface, mobile-first checkout flow and clear definable steps to guide the user to payment.

3. Pre-Order and Product Batch Management

Producing new innovative products involves batching and production cycles. Our custom built inventory system allowed for visibility over custom pre-orders, remaining balances and which product batches matched each customer.

4. Maintenance

As IRIS’s official support partner, we provided ongoing post launch maintenance and hands on support. Helping with Black Friday deals, customer journey changes, speed optimisation, eCommerce support, security updates and more.

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The Result.

IRIS Headphones are a premium product, and the IRIS team now have a truly stunning place to showcase them to the market. The store boasts attractive product pages, pre-order capabilities and a seamless checkout experience.

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