George W. Davies

Style meets strategy. Launching an iconic name to a new market.

0+ Pre-launch subscribers in 2 weeks

The Brief.

GWD is a new contemporary fashion brand, built by the iconic designer George Davies, the creator of Next, Per Una and George at Asda.

Expanding from their recent success from similar styles in the Middle East, the George Davis team set out to launch a new brand to the UK market that was solely online. We were approached to help build their ‘go-to-market’ strategy, consulting on media production, distribution of spend and the creation and management of their campaigns.

Our roles.

  • Strategy
  • Campaign & Media Planning
  • Pre Launch Advertising
  • Instagram, Facebook & TikTok Ads
  • Google Ads
  • eCommerce SEO
  • Email Automation

It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with the talented team behind George W. Davis. We’ve had an exciting journey moving from concepts, through media production and to the eventual launch of the new store and campaigns. Looking forward to the future!

Joe Read, Founder & CEO, Wyze Digital

The Solution.

From a comprehensive go-to-market strategy to an engaging advertising campaign.

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1. eCommerce Strategy

From outlining detailed goals and providing budget recommendations, to a marketing channel & resource plan. We launched the GWD brand to a new UK market, with clear actionable targets over a set period of time.

2. Campaign & Media Planning

We created an overarching campaign theme, 'Inspiring the everyday', which then evolved into two separate narratives for both women's and kidswear. These ideas were then expanded into a media production plan for a range of teaser trailers, a series of short films and ‘User Generated Content’ style videos.

3. Pre Launch Advertising

Our pre-launch campaign set out to build a social media audience and email subscribers before the site was launched to the public. This consisted of some short, stylish 'teaser' movies featuring new designs and generated over 2000 initial followers and over 900 email subscribers in the first 2 weeks.

4. Instagram, Facebook & TikTok Ads

Our social advertising campaign considered the GWD target market profile and was split into both parents purchasing for their children and women purchasing occasionwear. We segmented our approach to media between cinematic vs UGC style content to build a brand that is both stunning and relatable.

5. Google Ads

Running a multi-layered Google Shopping and Display ads campaign across 8 Womenswear product categories and 11 Childrenswear categories. Combining both an optimised approach to product advertising with engaging media for retargeting to maximise results.

6. Email Automation

A successful pre launch marketing campaign and an engaging online experience, saw an impressive 16k visitors in the first month of launching. To capitalise on visitor retention, we built a comprehensive email campaign that targeted visitors to the GWD website at various points in their journey. This would range from offering discounts to first time buyers, or people that had interacted with the products without fulfilling the orders.

0+ Pre-launch subscribers in 2 weeks

0k Visitors in Month 1

The Result.

A detailed and well planned marketing strategy has rapidly enabled GWD to introduce their brand to a new UK market.

They now have daily sales, a strong social media following, a growing subscriber base and are embarking on an exciting journey to capture increased sales & market share in the coming months.

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