Trishna Naik.

Sales / Project Management

The Lookout.

Trish keeps a wide eye on new horizons. From helping clients plan new projects, to exploring new work opportunities and tenders. Trish helps the business look and move towards the future.

Just a taste of what I do...

  • New project planning
  • Sales & quotations
  • In-house Marketing

Turning your ideas into reality involves planning & execution. That’s what we are all about here.

Answered over 100 calls & enquiries

Supported over 20 Wyze Digital Projects

Tried and tested Hubspot expert

A dedicated cocktail evangelist

I like to balance out my screen time by reading books or hanging out with friends. Pizza and pasta are my kryptonite so I eat the same salad for lunch everyday. Again, it’s all about balance right?

Working with Trishna

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As our resident lookout, Trish is here to help our clients plan their next steps and take action on their new ideas.