Harjan Sahota.

Marketing Specialist

The Bloodhound.

Once Harjan has picked up a scent, it’s not long before we know the next steps to take an advertising campaign to the next level. Budget planning, channel comparisons, audience analysis… there’s nothing he can’t uncover!

Just a taste of what I do...

  • Advertising Strategy
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Social Ads Creative

Proudly presenting your products to your audience, that’s what we do best.

50+ social & digital campaigns created

Creative & tactical strategist

Google Analytics expert

Enjoys marathons… on Netflix

When I’m not on the analytical trail, I’m usually either travelling or turning up at a music concert and dancing until my feet actually start throbbing.

Working with Harjan

Work with Harjan and keep your advertising on track. Get in touch today…

As our resident advertising specialist, Harjan helps our clients to make informed decisions about the future of their advertising campaigns.