Wyze Web Care

Wordpress Support and Maintenance Plans
  • Maintenance

    Maintenance & Security

    £40 per month

    • WordPress & plugin updates
    • Debugging plugin conflicts
    • Manual testing of key actions (forms & checkout etc)
    • 16% Discount On Support Tickets
    • Pay As You Go Priority Email Support
    • Uptime monitoring & resolution
    • Normal response time: 0-2 working days
    • Security & malware monitoring
    • Nightly website & database backups
    • Monthly Wyze Web Care reports

  • Premium Support

    Maintenance & Task Support

    £200 per month

  • Ideal for eCommerce startups
    • Includes all Standard package benefits plus:
    • 4 Web Care Tickets (small tasks up to 30min each)
    • 33% Discount on Support Tickets
    • Normal response time: 0-2 working days
    • Dedicated support ticket platform
    • Website error checks
    • Visual inspection of critical webpages
    • Website speed reporting

  • Deluxe Support

    Extended Support & Website Care

    £400 per month

  • Perfect for established businesses
    • Includes all Premium package benefits plus:
    • 12 Web Care Tickets (small tasks up to 30min each)
    • 50% Discount on Support Tickets
    • Normal response time: 0-1 working day
    • Monthly SEO keyword rankings report

    0116 403 0042

Prices are shown excluding VAT. VAT will be added to UK business invoices.

Maintenance & Security

keep your site healthy & secure

Hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites get hacked every year and the main reason is a lack of maintenance. This can have a devastating impact on a business, especially if you are trading online.

Simply having out of date plugins can slow down a site and create a security risk. However, simply updating plugins on your live website without technical knowledge comes with a whole host of risks too.

Wyze Web Care looks after your monthly maintenance tasks so you don’t have to. From updating plugins & WordPress versions to security monitoring, manual testing and everything inbetween.

Hands-on Technical Support

easy access to regular technical support

Making technical changes to your website can be challenging if you don’t have the time or technical knowledge.

Our Premium & Deluxe plans give you access to our technical team via ‘Web Care Credits’. These can be used for various tasks such as: adding new webpages, fixing bugs & issues, updating page layouts, etc.

Our ‘Web Care Credits’ are at least 50% more cost effective than a standard quote and are resolved in half the time.

You’re also not limited to the number of tasks in your plan; additional credits can be added on request.

Helpdesk & Web Care Reports

transparent reporting of your website health

Each month you will receive a Web Care Report showing your website performance including website traffic & keyword rankings. We will also highlight each of the maintenance jobs carried out on your site.

Requesting support is easy, simply contact us on our dedicated email or create a ticket within the helpdesk. From here you can see a log of any outstanding and previous support requests.

We are dedicated to resolve your requests as soon as possible, so once you on our Web Care Plan, you will get priority support from our technical team.


What is a ‘Web Care Credit’ and what can I use it for?

Web Care Tickets are 30minute portions of time which you can use for content changes on your website.

Here are some examples:

  • Supporting with your customer queries, bugs, issues
  • Answering queries about how to use the website
  • Updating content on one of your webpages
  • Fixing basic bugs or issues with functionality
  • Fixing layout issues or mobile responsiveness
  • Creating webpages from existing page layouts
  • Uploading or updating products
  • Editing SEO attributes of pages, products, categories etc
  • Creating new blog posts using content you provide

Or technical team will review the size of your request once received.

On larger requests our team may advise that a task is worth more than one credit or may provide a bespoke quote in the instance that a task is particularly out of scope.

How do I submit a support ticket?

When you sign up for a Wyze Web Care plan we will provide you with an email address where you can send us your queries or tasks.

Providing you are on an active plan, our helpdesk will recognise your email address/es and automatically create a new support ticket for you. We’ll then review your request and get to work!

How long does it take for a task to be completed?

Our target response times are shown in the plan table above.

In most cases we also aim to also resolve your issue in this timeframe.

However some issues are more complex than others and some rely on us communicating with third parties such as plugin developers etc. In these instances, we will keep you regularly updated on the status of your issue.

Are there any prerequisites to start a Wyze Web Care plan?

Yes. Currently our Wyze Web Care plans are only available to websites built on the WordPress platform.

Before we begin, it is also important for us to ensure your website is in a relatively healthy state with no major issues.

Our team will arrange to review the admin panel and back end of your WordPress site before accepting you onto a plan.

If we find any major issues, we may advise on some next steps for you to take or provide a quote to resolve

We will need both administrator logins to your WordPress website and FTP/SFTP access to the back end of your site. Our team can advise on how to acquire these if you do not have them to hand.

Ideally our team can also gain access to your Google Analytics to allow us to create your Wyze Web Care reports.

What is provided in the monthly Web Care report?

Providing we are given access to your Google Analytics, your Web Care Reports will list:

  • Information on the plugins which have been updated as part of your maintenance work
  • Information on any WordPress Version updates which have been conducted as part of your maintenance work

Members on Premium plans will also receive page speed statistics in their reports.

Members on Deluxe plans will also receive page speed statistics and SEO keyword rankings  in their reports.

What if I don't use all of my Web Care credits in a month?

Web Care Credits do not carry over to the next month if they have not been used. Your credits expire at the end of each month.

However, if you have excess tickets, our team take time to review your website at the end of each month and will actively fix any visible bugs/improvements to utilise the ticket time.

Is there a minimum commitment period or can I cancel my plan at any time?

Our Wyze Web Care plans have a minimum term of 3 months and a cancellation period of 60days.

How do I sign up for a Wyze Web Care plan?

Please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Our team will then be in touch to arrange a review of your site and take you through the next steps to begin.

How do I cancel my Wyze Web Care plan?

Email us at [email protected] to request for your plan to be cancelled. Our team will be in touch to confirm your cancellation.

What if I have run out of Web Care Credits and still require further tasks/changes?

If you have used all of your Web Care Credits in a given month you may still place a support request.

The price of additional credits will depend on your plan.

Additional credits are priced as follows:

  • Maintenance plan: £50+VAT per credit
  • Premium Support plan: £25+VAT per credit
  • Deluxe plan: £20+VAT per credit

Can I switch between plans?

Yes! Email us at [email protected] to let us know you’d like to change – just give us 30days notice and we can upgrade or downgrade your plan ready for your next month.

Will you update all of my plugins?

We will update as many of your plugins as possible each month and review and resolve issues that crop up if possible.

However, there is occasionally good reason not to update a plugin, in the instance that the plugin version has a conflict with other plugins on your site or is causing other issues.

Separately, if you have premium plugins built into your site we will require the license keys for these and may advise on renewing any premium plugins which have expired licenses.

Can I access Web Care credits on the Standard package?

There are no Web Care Credits included in this plan but you can still request tasks to be completed through the helpdesk. Credits will be charged individually.

If you are on the Standard plan you have full access to our support platform where you can submit and keep track of your requests. You can also submit a request through our dedicated email with details on what you like to be done.

You will not be charged for Web Care Credits without prior confirmation.