Matt Evans.

Creative / UI & UX

The Alchemist.

Matt is a true creative, and leads all things UX & design at Wyze Digital. He combines his talent for new ideas, with a comprehensive understanding of user experience to create designs our clients love.

Just a taste of what I do...

  • UI + UX Research & Design
  • Creative Storytelling
  • Branding

Whatever your business, any product can be sold effectively with truthful, engaging design.

14 Wyze Digital websites designed

15 years design experience

32 corporate identities rebranded

1m lattes & flat whites drank

To vent frustrations of the creative process I’m either hitting the heavy bag or trying out a new cooking fad and burning something other than what I’m cooking. Normally skin.

Working with Matt

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Whether it’s bringing your vision into focus, overhauling your brand or improving the user experience for your online store, Matt’s the man!